Hispanic describes police abuse at discoteca
LOCALES - 09/19/2007
Gloria Medina/EDLP
[translated from the original]

Nueva York -  An Argentine journalist claims to be the victim of abuse by staff at a discoteca in Manhattan, and says that the police did not help. 

Alberto Armendáriz, 34, said that this past Saturday he went to Club 205 on Chrystie and Stanton on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

"At the entrance, the doorman asked me for a bribe to be able to enter, which is usually not required," recalls Armendáriz, correspondent for newspapers in Argentina and Mexico. Almost one hour later, seated at a table with friends, a bouncer came and asked him to leave the table because they needed it for somebody.

"When I tried to explain, the man attacked me, took hold of me by the neck and tried to asphyxiate to me," explained Armendáriz, adding that soon two men "took me by the arms and threw me onto the street by the back door of the establishment."

Armendáriz called 911. A police patrol came to the place but they refused to take a report from him [sound familiar?]. On the contrary, "two policemen took hold of me, dragged me across the street and threw me against a grate and said that they would arrest to me if I crossed the street again."

NYPD said that Armendáriz "was intoxicated, aggressive and did not cooperate."


La Esquina Reopens, but Serge Becker's Spots Still Not in the Clear

A sign posted on 205's door last November.   Photo: Daniel Maurer

La Esquina’s basement and the Box are open again, but Serge Becker’s woes may not be over. Alberto Armendariz, a reporter for Mexican newspaper La Reforma tells us that last Saturday at 205 (another joint Becker has his stamp on), he was choked by a bouncer and bodily ejected from the club in such a way that he tried to press assault charges (cops didn’t find any marks on him and told him to brush it off and call it a night). Sounds like any other Saturday to us, but Armendariz says he’s now on a quest to close the club down. As it turns out, he may not have to lift a finger.

At tonight’s State Liquor Authority  meeting, the authority will discuss whether or not to renew 205’s liquor license, which expired in January. Due to a legal provision, the club has been allowed to operate while the authority investigates various instances of underage drinking, selling alcohol without a license, and, among numerous other charges, “engaging in and/or suffering or permitting the storage, possession, use and trafficking of a controlled substance” in April, May, September, and October of last year. We’ll be watching closely in case a shuttering is imminent.